Training Manual

Training Manual for volunteers


What is a short-term mission?

A short-term mission is the mobilization of a Seventh-day Adventist volunteer, denominational employee, retiree or group of volunteers from churches or educational institutions. Its duration is under two months and it originates in the North American Division. Who is a short-term volunteer? Short-term volunteers are individuals or groups of various ages involved in short-term humanitarian projects or evangelistic outreach. Due to insurance age restrictions, overseas mission trips must be completed before volunteers reach their 80th birthday. Mission trips within the United States and Canada must be completed before volunteers reach their 84th birthday. Students or individuals under the age of 18 are processed as part of a group—i.e., school or church group—and require permission from their legal guardians.

Who is an individual volunteer?

An individual volunteer is a Seventh-day Adventist in good standing who is between the ages of 18 and 80, serving on a short-term trip without a group, outside the United States and Canada. For trips within the United States and Canada the maximum age is 84.

What is ARM insurance?

Adventist Risk Management (ARM) provides an insurance package which is required for all missionary volunteers, and is specific to the needs of those traveling and serving within the United States and around the word.

Do I have to be part of an organized group to fulfill a short-term mission?

No, any individual with a desire to serve may answer a call posted in our publications. For example, a physician might serve at a remote clinic or an engineer could facilitate the building of a well without being part of an organized group.